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The Gut Recovery Kit addresses every aspect of great gut health so you can look and feel your best.* It includes:

  • Digestive Enzymes (vital for proper digestion)*
  • Microbiome Balance (a powerful probiotic)*
  • Leaky Gut Support (a potent ally in the fight for gut health)*

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Your gut does many amazing jobs: digesting nutrients, housing over 70% of your immune system, and playing a key role in hormone and neurotransmitter production. So when your gut doesn’t feel right, nothing feels right! The Gut Recovery Kit is designed to address every aspect of great gut health.*

First things first: what’s in the kit? The Gut Recovery Kit includes Digestive Enzymes (vital for proper digestion),* Microbiome Balance (a powerful probiotic),* and Leaky Gut Support (a potent ally in the fight for gut health).* Here’s how each of them is important:

It literally starts with digestive enzymes. Your food is a gift. The very first job your gut has to do is open that gift by using digestive enzymes to break down your food into smaller, digestible pieces – especially the proteins. Once digestive enzymes do their work, your gastrointestinal system can absorb what you need, send it out to other systems in your body, and dispose of the rest.

So here’s the problem: after age 35 or during any time of stress, your body makes fewer digestive enzymes. Without your full quota of digestive enzymes, that first crucial step in digestion goes unfinished. You’re never really receiving all the nutrition your food contains, no matter how carefully you grocery shop or cook. What a waste! The lack of digestive enzymes can be further complicated by food intolerances, leaky gut, or other chronic gut inflammation.

The good news is that it’s not hard to give your gut a boost! You can start by addressing your stress and making good sleep a priority. The other easy advantage you can offer your gut is a quality Digestive Enzymes supplement. Taken before meals, Digestive Enzymes can give your body extra firepower to tackle the process of breaking down your food, allowing for faster, easier digestion.*

There’s some more little players with a big role in your gut health... The bacteria in your gut may be tiny, but they play a major role in fat loss. Those little guys outnumber the other cells in your body 10 to 1, and they’re responsible for a lot of important jobs, including your first line of defense against inflammation and infection.

An unbalanced gut microbiome can spell disaster for your weight, energy levels, and immunity. Like any thriving community, a healthy gut microbiome is diverse and populated by helpful residents. Too many bad influences, and the results can be painful, even debilitating – think leaky gut, gas and bloating, joint pain, fatigue, headaches, and trouble losing weight or keeping it off.

Time to call in reinforcements: Microbiome Balance can help IMMEDIATELY balance your gut’s microbiome! Your gut health can be affected by your sugar impact, exposure to reactive foods, stress levels, and medication use. While it’s super-important to address those issues, taking a probiotic supplement like Microbiome Balance is a powerful step in the right direction.

Your gut pays the price for high stress and a poor diet. Then you learn to live with the results: weight gain, poor sleep, sore joints, gut discomfort, skin trouble, or headaches. You ignore your fatigue or treat it with another venti latte. You may start to consider wrinkles, a growing waistline, and low energy normal signs of aging.

If stress and diet are out of balance long-term, the result is leaky gut syndrome. “Leaky gut” is pretty much what it sounds like. When your intestinal lining is compromised by years of poor gut health, it allows particles of partly digested food, waste, and toxins to leak out into your bloodstream. As a result, you have a harder time absorbing nutrients and can experience cravings and weight gain. Leaky gut can also lead to systemic inflammation and autoimmune disorders.

Leaky Gut Support can help! Leaky Gut Support contains therapeutic levels of L-Glutamine, N-acetyl-glucosamine, MSM, DGL, slippery elm, marshmallow, chamomile, okra extract, cat’s claw, quercetin, and mucin. All of those ingredients can help get your gut back to normal and support your body’s natural systems of protecting you and helping you live a happy, energetic, productive life.*

Your gut health affects almost every aspect of how you look, think, and feel. The Gut Recovery Kit can help bring your gut back into balance, so you can you look and feel your best.* Buy the kit, save over $19, and take back your gut health!

Digestive Enzymes FAQs

FAQ: What are Digestive Enzymes?

Digestive Enzymes are a boost of the enzymes naturally produced in your gut to help digest your food. Digestive Enzymes are ideal for:

  • Those who are over 35 or experience regular stress
  • Breaking down the food you eat into useful nutrients*
  • Minimizing or preventing carb absorption for weight loss*
  • Reducing heartburn, indigestion, gas, and bloating*
  • Anyone struggling with food intolerances or leaky gut*

FAQ: How do I take it?

As a dietary supplement, take 2 Digestive Enzymes capsules 15-30 minutes before meals containing carbohydrates. If you are mid-meal and realize you need to take them, go for it, but no need to take them after a meal. Simply wait until 15-30 minutes before your next meal. As with all supplements, please check with your healthcare provider to be sure Digestive Enzymes are a good fit for your health and needs.

FAQ: How long will I need to use it?

Take Digestive Enzymes with meals for 30 days. If you’re consistent with your dosing, that can be long enough for your body to take the hint and start producing more of its own digestive enzymes. If your symptoms stay gone after you stop Digestive Enzymes, then you’re good to go!

Microbiome Balance FAQs

FAQ: What is Microbiome Balance?

Microbiome Balance is an exceptionally high-quality blend of prebiotics and probiotics, ideal for:

  • Helping you burn fat and lose weight*
  • Ensuring optimal digestion and nutrient absorption*
  • Reducing the chance of food sensitivities and allergies*
  • Protecting against systemic inflammation and infection*
  • Supporting brain and hormonal health*

FAQ: How do I take it?

As a dietary supplement, take Microbiome Balance once daily just before or right after a meal. When they’re in action, probiotics want the same things we do: food, water, and warmth. Taking your doses along with meals ensures all 3 are available! As with all supplements, please check with your healthcare provider to be sure Microbiome Balance is a good fit for your health and needs.

FAQ: How should I store it?

Store Microbiome Balance in the refrigerator. Probiotics are living organisms. Keeping them cool helps them last longer, so they’re at their strongest when they take on the bad bacteria in your gut.

FAQ: How long will I need to use it?

Stick with it! It’s important to take probiotics regularly, and it may take several weeks or months until you feel the full effects, depending on your lifestyle and medication use. Consistent, long-term dosing provides the best chance to lose belly fat and repair and maintain your immune system.*

Please don’t forget the big picture. While Microbiome Balance is a powerful supplement, it can’t make up for a high-sugar impact diet, poor sleep, or major stress. It’s important to address those issues as well so that pre/probiotics can do their best work.

Leaky Gut Support FAQs

FAQ: What is Leaky Gut Support?

Leaky Gut Support is a gut-healing powder made of botanicals, amino acids, and other nurturing ingredients.* This thoughtfully designed supplement can help with:

  • Maintaining healthy gut function, especially in times of stress*
  • Targeting inflammation that may lead to autoimmune issues*
  • Supporting weight loss and optimal nutrient absorption*
  • Protecting against heartburn and digestive upset*
  • Providing relief for symptoms like headaches and joint pain*

FAQ: How do I take it?

As a dietary supplement, mix 8 grams (about one tablespoon) into the drink of your choice up to 3 times daily for intense gut support. Once your leaky gut symptoms subside, the daily dose can be reduced to one tablespoon once a day. As with all supplements, please check with your healthcare provider to be sure Leaky gut Support is a good fit for your health and needs.

FAQ: How long will I need to use it?

A higher dose for more intense gut support and healing may be required for 1-3 months. As leaky gut symptoms resolve, dosing may be decreased to once daily for as long as you may be exposed to additional stress, sugar, poor sleep, or other challenges to your gut and immune health.

Remember, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you’re unhappy with a JJ Virgin product for any reason, just return it for a refund! Contact us at info@jjvirgin.com within 30 days of your purchase, and we’ll tell you how. (Please note: you’re responsible for return shipping, and your refund does not include original shipping/handling costs.)

And don’t forget to check out the Reviews tab on this page to find out what customers are saying about the products in the Gut Recovery Kit!

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Digestive Enymes

Microbiome Balance

Leaky Gut

Why Buy From Us...


Simple Science-Based Solutions to Better Your Life!

With all the options you can choose from, you deserve to know the differences between what we’ve created for you and what’s out there on the market, as well as why we go to such great lengths to ensure the quality of your supplements.

Effectiveness and Bioavailability

First and foremost, the products you find here are crafted from the highest quality ingredients available. Rather than selecting ingredients for shelf life, we formulate supplements to enhance YOUR LIFE! That is why we opt for top-notch ingredients and focus on bioavailability and benefits. It might not matter to you that we use certain forms of nutrients instead of cheaper versions, but your body knows the difference.

Produced in a Family-Owned Facility that Does Third-Party Testing

A high percentage of supplements don’t even test positive for the ingredients they claim to contain! To avoid any risk of a big manufacturer cutting corners on the products we create for you, JJ made arrangements with a family-owned facility she knows well. (She was a sales representative for them long before she wrote four NY Times bestselling books to help people avoid unnecessary weight gain and painful exposure to food intolerances!) She went to the people she trusted, the people she’s seen ship back countless ingredients after their independent third-party tests did not confirm quality and efficacy. Any idea what happens to those returned ingredients? Yep – you guessed it. They go on to another manufacturer who does not invest in outside testing.

The best part of JJ’s arrangement is that this is a family operation being passed down from generation to generation. That means no risk of a big buyout that would do away with the quality control measures JJ demands from the facility that creates your specialty supplement formulas.

Taste & Consistency

You won’t find a creamier shake that provides as much protein, with as little sugar, and ZERO exposure to the 7 high food intolerance foods. You won’t find bars that avoid the harmful proteins in gluten, soy, dairy, egg, peanuts, and corn that taste anywhere near as delicious as what JJ has created for you. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, and you can rest assured the shakes and bars you fall in love with now will remain consistent in their tasty flavor and creamy texture.

A Team That Cares About You

Our knowledgeable staff is here to help. You will see lots of useful information here on the site to help you with your decision-making processes, from videos that describe usage and efficacy to testimonials from customers like you. BUT… know that we are here to help if you need more! And remember that your choices are backed by our money-back guarantee. Our entire team’s commitment is to help you take your health into your own hands!

Take your health into your own hands! Invest in the quality supplements and products that can make all the difference.

JJ Virgin

About JJ Virgin

JJ Virgin owned a beautiful high-end gym in Palm Springs and catered to the Hollywood elite who needed to prepare for starring roles and world tours. She was the nutrition and fitness expert on Dr. Phil and other major TV shows (ranging from Freaky Eaters to The Doctors), and print media authorities relied on her expertise. She had all the success a certified nutritionist and trainer could want. But when she made an important discovery – almost by accident – she left all that behind to stop the needless suffering and weight gain caused by undiagnosed food intolerances.

Nutrition and fitness theory has always relied on the calories-in-calories-out model that declares your weight is simply a function of how much you eat and exercise. However, JJ saw firsthand that this was definitely not the case. Even when she sequestered challenging weight loss cases at a retreat where she controlled what they ate and how much they worked out, there were people who still GAINED weight. So she got curious – very curious.

Since JJ supported the foremost doctors and NDs with their most challenging patients, she had access to the best nutraceuticals and tests. Combining data from the doctors she worked with and clients who trusted her to find a solution to their non-stop weight struggles, JJ found that there were 7 foods that cause the body to react by protecting itself with extra fat, inflammation, skin issues, and more. She narrowed the offending foods down to the 7 most common and used that as the starting point for what evolved into her NY Times bestselling books The Virgin Diet and The Virgin Diet Cookbook.

The 7 High Food Intolerance Foods (she dubbed them the 7 HiFI foods) were removed from the diets of hundreds of willing clients for 21 days, long enough for antibody production to slow or stop. Then, one at a time for one week each, the 7 foods were reintroduced. The results were astonishing! The simple removal of these foods reduced weight significantly, plus eliminated joint pain, headaches, and skin issues, leaving both JJ and her test subjects happily shocked. The reintroduction process caused the symptoms to return, widely more apparent since antibodies were no longer present. This inspired a full-scale test of the Virgin Diet protocol and, later, the launch of the books.

You might be wondering what all this has to do with the products you’re looking at here on the JJ Virgin Store? To answer that question, you need to know that the 7 HiFI foods JJ discovered were corn, gluten, eggs, dairy, soy, peanuts, and sugar or artificial sweeteners.

(You can learn more about the 7 HiFI foods in the free PDF download HERE.)

As it turns out, most shakes, bars, and supplements include one or more of these foods under sneaky names that you’d have to be a food detective to recognize. JJ had a rapidly growing family of people relying on her to guide them away from these 7 Hi FI foods, and that meant they needed safe protein shakes at the very least. One majorly successful part of the Virgin Diet is starting your day with a power-packed protein shake, but… JJ could not find ONE brand on the market that met her stringent requirements and tasted anywhere near delicious.

She went back to her roots, to the same community of high-end nutraceutical creators, doctors,  and NDs that she had first shared her discoveries with. She banded together a network of caring professionals to source the best ingredients and formulate a tasty line of nutritious shakes and bars, as well as exceptionally high-quality supplements that are free from the 7 foods. She also built and educated the team that supports you when you shop here on this store.

It has been a long and amazing journey in order for JJ Virgin and this entire team to touch so many lives. So what’s your health goal? How can we help you? Check out some of the stories of people just like you on the reviews tab, and then reach out to let us know how we can best support you.

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